Collezione 84 Absolute Vintage


A B S T R A C T   M I X E D   F A B R I C S   A N D   M A T E R I A L S   H E A D S



CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE ! The collection 84 ABSOLUTE VINTAGE is a selection of positions from the Absolute collection with wooden articulated arms. The collection is available either with fabric covered busts and heads or with painted busts and heads. These beautifully finished mannequins are an interesting fusion of contemporary attitudes and body language and traditional vintage materials. They come in matt white, off-white cotton canvas and arms are made of beech wood. They match up with the male collection and a series of busts. The mannequins and busts have removable heads and can be used headless with painted or fabric neck covers.


P o s i z i o n i 

posizioni vintageposizioni vintage 2 

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